Our writers

DaniŽl S. (Dutch)
A seasoned translator and interpreter who used to teach at the Erasmus Hogeschool before leading a medium-sized translation and communication agency in Brussels for nearly 20 years.
DaniŽl translates from English, French and Spanish into Dutch.
A master in editorial writing, he has an unerring feeling for convincing e-zines, internal and external newsletters, trade magazines, press releases and brochures.
Clients love his elegant, yet efficient writing style that manages to focus on key messages with much respect for shades of meaning and legibility.

Jonathan S. (English)
Having lived and worked in Belgium, France, Australia and now the UK, this multi-award-winning copywriting nomad takes full advantage of the Internet to provide his translating and writing skills to clients from wherever he happens to be.
Since the excitement of his student days at the Sorbonne in the late 1960s, Jonathan is ready to turn his attention to any project. He has always maintained that sludge pumps are just as exciting as gullwing Mercedes when it comes to creating a memorable message.

Rolf R. (German)
This DŁsseldorf-based virtuosic writer remains unrivalled when it comes to bringing life into technical literature.
He subdues jargon and gibberish, resulting in crystal-clear texts that delight vendors and consumers alike.

Fiona R. (English)
With over 20 years of translation experience, Fiona is a leading light in technical, industrial and scientific literature.
She has a capacity to render information accessible to target groups that do not necessarily share her passion for the written word.

Erik B. (French)
The founder of Litteris is a Bachelor of Arts (Germanic Philology - Universitť Catholique de Louvain) and a qualified teacher.
A passionate novelist, a poet, a journalist and a musician, he also contributed - as Chief Editor or journalist - to many trade magazines and developed communication strategies for major companies.
Erik founded Litteris in 1997. The agency owes its success to a quadrilingual team of reputable professional writers who constantly endeavour to bring excellence into the clients' communication projects.

Other senior linguists who work for Litteris:
Christine L. (Dutch)
Agnes T. (Dutch)
Ariane J. (German)
Erika S. (Dutch)
Laurence G. (French)
Joop F. (Dutch)
Muriel K. (Dutch)
Paula P. (Portuguese)
Peter F. (English)
Toine de G. (Dutch)
Katerina K. (Czech, Russian)